When a person has a stroke, it means that he/she is not getting enough blood for the brain. The lack of oxygen in the brain kills cells that are served by a particular blood vessel and the body part which is controlled by these cells stops working as a result.

1. Loss in Motor Functions:

When someone is having a stroke, the specific part of the brain which lacks flow of blood will stop working. A person can lose function of an arm or a leg and even find it difficult to speak.

2. Body Weakness:

If you feel sudden weakness in your body without any apparent reason and lose sense of coordinaton; these can be warning signs of stroke.It will happen suddenly and will be noticeable. In such a case, do not delay getting medical help.

3. High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure is linked to many heart illnesses and strokes. If you see a change in your blood pressure, consult a doctor and go for appropriate medication to reduce the risk.

4. Drooping Face:

If you suddenly feel that your face has gone numb from one side and is drooping. Remember FAST and call for a physician immediately.

Do not take this sign lightly, for a stroke you need medical help as fast as possible to avoid further damage to your brain.

5. Excessive Headache:

Hemorrhagic stroke can cause the blood to pour in to the brain and this leads to a sudden increased pressure on this delicate organ.People, who have this type of stroke, complain about have severe headaches and change in mental status.

6. Body goes Numb on One side:

A person who is having stroke might notice one side of the body going numb. The affected person would feel difficulty in raising an arm or a leg.

If this happens, make sure to head to the hospital immediately without any kind of delay.

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