5 Early Warning Signs of Lung Cancer You Need to Know!

1. Sudden Weight Loss:
Did you just drop a few kgs without any workout or change in your diet? Just like any other type of cancer, lung cancer can also lead to sudden weight loss.

A sudden lack of appetite and losing too much weight are the warning signs that something is wrong with your body. When your body recognises a tumour, it works hard and spends more calories to heal it.

The medical term for this condition is cachexia and in severe cases it can cause the body to waste away because it eats the body fat for energy.

2. Blood in the Phlegm:
People with lung cancer will cough up blood if the cancer has spread to bronchi. Even though a variety of reasons can cause blood in the sputum, but nobody should ignore it.

Often, coughing up blood is accompanied by other symptoms like fever and pain in the chest. If you observe rust-coloured phlegm without any explanation, then see a doctor as soon as possible.

3. Chest Pain:
One of the most obvious signs of lung cancer is chronic pain in the chest which gets intense while you are breathing or even laughing.

the cancer spreads to other parts of the body, then those areas are likely to be affected by ache and discomfort. If this pain progresses to your shoulders and back, then talk to your doctor for examination

4. Bone Pain:
If the lung cancer has progressed to other organs in your body, than you may feel pain in your bones and joints.

Even though back pain might not seem related to cancer in the lungs, but as per many oncologists, it can be a prominent early sign.

5. Swelling in the Neck and Face:
When the lung cancer spreads, it starts pressing against the superior vena cava which is the large blood vessel returning blood to the heart.

This makes your neck and face swell. If you observe such swelling, then do not delay talking to your Doctor.

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