Those who misuse or abuse tramadol are at risk for developing an addiction. In some cases, even people who follow their doctor’s directions can become addicted.

After frequent, prolonged tramadol use, many people develop a tolerance to the drug. This means they have to take larger doses to feel the drug’s effects. Along with tolerance, tramadol abusers may experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using the drug. Tramadol withdrawal can cause irritability, depression and flu-like symptoms.

Undesirable effects of tramadol abuse:

-Suicidal thoughts
-Panic attacks
-Cardiac arrest

In worst-case scenarios, an overdose can result in coma or death. Much like with opioids, a fatal overdose can look peaceful. The users may simply look like they’re falling asleep when, in reality, their bodies are shutting down. They forget how to breathe, and essentially suffocate to death.

The risk of an overdose is even more pronounced if Tramadol is mixed with other drugs and alcohol.

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