Antenatal care is the systemic medical supervision of women during pregnancy. During pregnancy, regular contact with a doctor, nurse or midwife allows your health personnel in the better management of your pregnancy.
Here at Central Kasoa Clinic we monitor the maternal health and the development of foetus during pregnancy through health check-ups to identify any risk causing factors and complications during pregnancy.Immunizing the mother-to-be against tetanus to protect her and her infant. Promoting good nutrition, hygiene, exercise and rest in the expecting mother. Providing iron and folic acid supplements during pregnancy. Giving mothers knowledge on the elements of child care, the need for family planning and the importance of birth spacing. Removing anxiety and dread associated with delivery, dwelling in the mind of an expecting mother.


Get your prenatal check up. Ask your gynaecologist about anybody changes that worry you. A mother should attend the antenatal clinic once a month during the first 7 month, twice a month, during the next month; and thereafter, once a week, if everything is normal.

A wide range of haematology, microbiologicay and biochemistry tests are run in our well equipped laboratory. Results of these tests helps the clinicians in making a firm diagnosis.

Highly qualified dentists run this department. They have the competence to solve most of the problems with your teeth, gums, jaws and oral cavity in general.

In this clinic, the specialist sees to problems concerning the genital system of males and urinary system of both females and males. Screening and treatment of prostate problems are also done at this clinic.

At this clinic, screening and treatment of a wide range of eye problems is seen to.